Author / Entrepreneur

Dr. Lewis is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, When Brains Collide: What every athlete and parent should know about the prevention and treatment of concussions and head injuries.  

As a scientist and researcher, Dr. Lewis has published several dozen peer-reviewed manuscripts in the areas of omega-3 nutrition for head injuries, infectious diseases, tropical medicine, and large scale outbreak investigations. He has authored chapters in several medical textbooks and presented over 100 abstracts at scientific and medical conferences all around the world.

Even when inside the world’s largest bureaucracy, the U.S. Military, Dr. Lewis has a long history of inventorship and entrepreneur attitude. As a young Lieutenant stationed in Korea, he developed a new methodology for transmitting top secret voice-over-radio protocols that the National Security Agency found impossible to believe, yet it became standard practice in the Army.

While in training at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), he conceived and developed the ESSENCE program, the nation’s first and largest Syndrome-based Disease Outbreak Recognition System that supports the Military Health System, is the foundation for the National Bio-Sense Program, the CDC’s National Syndromic Surveillance Program (NSSP),  and surveillance programs at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, all state health departments, and many health departments around the world. His pioneering work started an entirely new field of epidemiology and led to the creation of The International Society for Disease Surveillance.

Dr. Lewis has patents for the use of omega-3 fatty acids for traumatic brain injury including the development of an entirely new delivery system. He was the recipient of inventorship awards by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine. In 2012 upon retiring as a Colonel after a distinguished career in the Army, he founded the nonprofit Brain Health Education and Research Institute where his pioneering work in the military and since has helped thousands of people around the world and regularly featured in the media.