Subject Verb Agreement Schoolhouse Rock

Mr. Morton knocked on his door Mr. Morton knocked Mr. Morton was sitting on their porch Yes, he was sitting there and he went wild. Mr. Morton was a nervous man; When she opened the door, he ran. Mr. Morton is the subject of the judgment and what the predicate says, he does. The cat stretched, the sun struck, a neighbor pursued his child. Come here, my child! Each sentence is finished if you know what the subject has done. The subject is a noun, which is a person, a place or a thing It is who or what is the sentence on and the predicate is the verb It is the word of action that brings the subject and the departure This is the story of Mister Morton Morton Morton is who? This is the subject of our history and the predicate of what Mr. Morton must do.

. Mister Morton climbed his stairs Mr. Morton climbed Mr. Morton rhyme with pretty words Mister Morton A rhyme Mister Morton was only Mister Morton was until Pearl appeared with a single rose. Who says women can`t propose? Now Mr. Morton is happy and Pearl and the cat are at Mister Morton knew only a girl Mister Morton knew that Mister Morton grew flowers for Pearl Mister Morton M. Morton was very shy Mister Morton was Mister Morton wrote to Pearl a poem Mister Morton Pearl answered in the afternoon to Pearl replied with a note Mister Morton was very nervous Morton. Mister Morton went down the street Mr. Morton went Mr. Morton talked with his cat Mister Morton (Hello, cat.

You look good.) Mr. Morton was alone, Mr. Morton was.