Leap Software Licence Agreement

13.13. Payment of arbitration fees and fees. Ultraleap pays all arbitration and arbitration fees and arbitration fees given to your written application prior to the commencement of arbitration. You are responsible for any additional costs and costs that you will incurr in the course of arbitration, including, but not limited to, lawyers or experts. Royalties and costs may be awarded in accordance with existing legislation. In addition to all fees and fees under existing legislation, if you terminate and negotiate in good faith with Ultraleap, as provided in the above section entitled “Pre-Arbitration Claim Resolution” and the arbitrator concludes that you are the dominant party in the arbitration proceeding, you are entitled to recover reasonable legal fees and fees. , as defined by the arbitrator. Ultraleap reserves all rights that are not expressly granted in this agreement. They must not make the software available on a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time or by other means. You cannot and agree not to copy the software or part of the software (unless this agreement expressly allows it), to decompilate, decompile, re-edit or attempt to deduce the source code from the software or an installer or installer for the software or part of the software or to try to circumvent the security measures associated with it (unless : , this is expressly authorized by current legislation or to the extent that it is compatible with the licensing conditions for the use of open components contained in the software. You can create a copy for recovery purposes. You cannot sell, retransmit, lease, lease or sublicensit the Software unless you can transfer the software after a permanent transmission of your Ultraleap device.

13.6. Call for arbitration before. For all disputes, whether in court or arbitration, you must first give Ultraleap the opportunity to resolve the dispute. You must begin this process by sending a written notification to Ultraleap Limited, The West Wing, Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0EL UNITED KINGDOM, which is marked for the general counsel`s attention. This written notification must include (1) your name, (2) your address, (3) a written description of your dispute and (4) a description of the specific discharge you want. If Ultraleap does not resolve the dispute within 45 days of your written notification, you can pursue your dispute in arbitration proceedings. You can only pursue your case in court in the circumstances described below. 12. MISCELLANEOUS.

This agreement is the full, definitive and exclusive declaration of the agreement between you and LeapFrog regarding the Software and replaces any proposal or agreement or communication between us, verbally or in writing, regarding the purpose of this Agreement.